How do you make a pie crust more moist?

How do you make a pie crust more moist?

Cold butter is a key to pie dough success. It should be straight-out-of-the-fridge-cold. Cut it into pieces then put it back in the fridge in a single layer while you get the rest of your ingredients together.

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What does adding vodka to pie crust do?

The vodka works for two reasons. First, it makes the dough feel way more moist and easier to work with. Second, the ethanol in the vodka stops the gluten in the flour from binding, making for a more tender end product.

How much vodka goes in a pie crust?

Drizzle 1/2 of the water and 1/2 of the vodka onto the butter/flour mixture. Pulse 2 to 4 times to combine. Test the dough with a squeeze and add more water or vodka as needed.

What does butter do in a pie crust?

The pros: Butter has the best flavor and it forms light, lofty, flaky layers in pie crust. The flakiness comes partially from the water content of butter, which evaporates as the pie bakes and turns to steam, separating and puffing up the layers in dough.

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